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About Gabbie

I recognize there are many ways to express spirit and find spiritual healing. I honor the Infinite Intelligence, or God, that cannot be contained within the narrow prescription of a single way. It is my privilege to support others who practice and honor this open, expansive way by being a facilitator that provides experienced leadership and professional guidance in the development of spiritual practices and ministry.As a Conduit for spirit, Gabbie channels communication between loved ones who have crossed over to spirit, Angels, and those of us who are still here in Body. Gabbie sets her intentions for healing to reveal that which only serve ones highest and best, as she trusts spirit to convey pieces of information such as names, characteristics, likes, dislikes, to validate their presence; and an opportunity for you to touch that love again, receive a message, and allow for healing and closure.

Gabbie is also a Deep Trance Full Body Spiritual Channel and Medium.

Briefly, what this means is that Gabbie can allow herself to smoothly enter into a deep trance state, essentially leaving her physical body to allow other non-physical independent conscious beings and guides to have conversations with you about a wide range of topics with virtually zero distortion or  "coloring" by Gabbie. The knowledge, perspective, and insight available to you by having actual two-way conversations with these teachings entities have real-world applications in all aspects of your personal and business relationships and personal and spiritual growth, and in all aspects of understanding just who and what you are, and why.The connection is REAL and far more in-depth and interactive that most people have ever seen on TV or even heard abut n many cases. You are not alone, Each of us is a part of a higher and more  complex being often referred to as a "Higher Self."

"A life changing experience? Yes, that's what I recieved when I was channeled with Mother Mary. As she rubbed my feet with rose oil I felt Her love, Her healing, Her compassionate energy soar through my body. An amazing energy that seemed to take all of my worries away. She has amazing energy and I feel so blessed that Gabbie is able to channel with Mother Mary, as it is an experience that I will never EVER forget." 

Betty Brown

 Fayetteville Arkansas

Do you believe in God? In angels? Would you believe it if I told you that you could be in the PHYSICAL presence of Mother Mary?!? Yes, THE HOLY VIRGIN MOTHER MARY. IN PERSON?!?! Unexpectedly, psychic medium Gabbie Deeds began trance channeling Mother Mary last year and since, she has provided many with messages and healings.