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Gabbie Deeds-Spiritual Teacher and Facilitator

Tinnie or Gabbie as she is known (Thanks to her granny who insisted that she talked way too much) was born in Louisiana (April 16, 1973) but grew up in the small town of Woodson Texas. She is a Spiritual Medium, Minister, radio personality, mother, life partner, and teacher. Behind her tender southern charm lies a story of tragedy and triumph. Within the first 17 years of her life, she had 2 near death experiences and lost her father to pancreatic cancer. Those events brought about a whirlwind of psychic phenomena that allowed her to strengthen her abilities as a medium and healer giving her the opportunity to share with others the amazing journey that the spiritual world has to offer.

As a Conduit for spirit, Gabbie channels communication between loved ones who have crossed over to spirit, Angels, and those of us who are still here in Body. Gabbie sets her intentions for healing to reveal that which only serve ones highest and best, as she trusts spirit to convey pieces of information such as names, characteristics, likes, dislikes, to validate their presence; and an opportunity for you to touch that love again, receive a message, and allow for healing and closure.

Gabbie is also a Deep Trance Full Body Spiritual Channel and Medium.

Briefly, what this means is that Gabbie can allow herself to smoothly enter into a deep trance state, essentially leaving her physical body to allow other non-physical independent conscious beings and guides to have conversations with you about a wide range of topics with virtually zero distortion or  “coloring” by Gabbie.

 The knowledge, perspective, and insight available to you by having actual two-way conversations with these teachings entities have real-world applications in all aspects of your personal and business relationships and personal and spiritual growth, and in all aspects of understanding just who and what you are, and why.

 The connection is REAL and far more in-derpth and interactive that most people have ever seen on TV or even heard abut n many cases. You are not alone, Each of us is a part of a higher and more  complex being often referred to as a “Higher Self.”


To read about the Spiritual Team Gabbie channels Go Here.


Ordained: 2009
Degree: Masters degree in Religion(ULC)
Areas of expertise:
Connecting to the Divine. Messages from
Angels and The Divine. Law of Attraction.
Spiritual/New thought Ministry.

Teresa Beck-Business Manager

Teresa guides the career of Gabbie and The ONE. Her responsibility is to oversee the day-to-day business affairs; advise and counsel Gabbie and The ONE concerning professional matters and she helps with event planning and advertising. (and just an all around pretty cool chick!)

She is also one of our healers and leads the team with needed prayers!

Sarah Womack-Event Coordinator/Personal Assistant/Healer

Sarah’s responsibilities include:

Coordinates with vendors, and venues during event planning and help Teresa to get the venues set..

Creates and distributes event listing pages on social media websites

Manage event set up, tear down and follow-ups under business manager.

Establish standardized event procedures

Build and adhere to an event budget to avoid project overruns

At the events she is one of Healers.


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