For my prepaid clients please email us or call to make an appointment. Thank you!

Please Call 479-208-7240 for your appointment. All appointments are CST.

Are you looking to grow spiritually or take your vibration up a notch? Looking for guidance on the spiritual journey, clarity, or just trying to get unstuck? Do you feel like your practice is “missing” something or perhaps you are just looking to get more in tune with you and the world around you?

In my Spiritual Mentoring Sessions, I pull all of the yummy goodies out of my toolbox for you! Readings, tips, crystals, tools, meditations – all of the things! And yes, you may have some homework too.

Grab your cup of coffee or tea and let’s have some Spiritual Chit Chat – all from my soul to yours!

We can talk about past lives, spirit guides, angels, deity, spirit animals, reincarnation, life after death, paranormal questions, energy clearing, crystal recommendations, etc.

6 months mentoring sessions is two 45 minutes per month for 6 months.