The Divinity Code-Beyond The Veil

Date 2017-Oct-21
Time 1:00Pm-4:00 pm
Location Country Inn & Suites, Conway Arkansas

Join me on a 1 day seminar to hear the stories and learn about life beyond the Veil. The universe is driven by love, but for love to have purpose & direction wisdom is required. To attain wisdom, one must have experience, knowledge, compassion, and harmony within yourself. Find out what Archangel Haniel and St. Paul say we must do to attain such.

We think of God and heaven as a place where our Supreme Lord has everything ordered. Perfectly ordered. A machine with gears and cogs that run for infinity without any required maintenance. A utopia, where there is no need for improvement.

According to the Angels, earth is an imperfect representation of Heaven. From this, we are to understand that there are organizations, learning centers, work, architecture, etc., all of the required components that we need on earth to run a large city or a nation which also play a role in heaven. Find out how that works and why it’s important to start working on yourself now!

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