Mother Mary & The ONE Facilitated by Gabbie

Date 2018-Jun-29
Time 7PM-9PM
Location Unity Temple on the Plaza 707 West 47th. Street Kansas City, MO 64112

There is this turning point that many are experiencing  tired of suffering, tired of false ideals, tired of striving for that which cannot satisfy you. Perhaps in a moment of despair or extreme self-doubt, you begin to ask yourself, “What is the truth?” You ask it now not to parlay with the truth but to find Spiritual Peace! Join us on a weekend full of Spirtual Meditations, Mother Mary & the ONE messages and much more!!

Please NOTE: 

Sat. June the 30th: Private readings at the Unity temple on the plaza.

Private readings From 9:30 am-11:30 am

Break from 12-1:00

Private readings 1-3:00 pm.

Please Email us at to set your appointment for Sat.


Your Itinerary:

Friday June the 29th.

7-7:15 PM: A Prayer/Meditation/Attuntement  with Mother Mary and St. Pio

7:15-8:30 PM: Channeling with The ONE and Mother Mary!

8:30-9:00 PM: Q&A

Gabbie will allow herself to smoothly enter into a deep trance state, essentially leaving her physical body to allow “The ONE” a non-physical independent conscious spiritual team lead by Mother Mary to give loving messages and healing energy.

The knowledge, perspective, and insight available to you by having actual two-way conversations with these teachings entities have real-world applications in all aspects of your personal and business relationships and personal and spiritual growth, and in all aspects of understanding just who and what you are, and why.

The connection is REAL and very interactive.


If you purchase a private reading for Sat. June the 30th please email us at to schedule a time. Thanks Team ONE!