40 Day Spiritual Discovery- Digging Deep Series.

Date 2018-Sep-30
Time From Sep 30th to Nov. 9th.
Location Facebook private group

Digging Deep-40 Days to Spiritual Discovery is an online/Phone workshop that will have you digging deep into your soul to connect deeper with the Divine Energies that are with you each and every day. We are going to be asking some tough questions made to bring you closer to your creator and help you find your Divine Purpose. 40 Days may sound like a lot of time, but I promise 15/20 minutes a day and you will come out of this workshop with a new understanding of yourself, your spiritual reasoning for being here, and a new way to connect with others including your guides, the Angles and your Creator!

This is an online FB private group workshop. I will do a live video everyday for 40 days to discuss the question and information that I gave for that day. At the end of the 40 days, each student has a 30 minute consultation to discuss what they got out of the group and what I might need to explain better ect.


Each day I will update the information and Video for that day at 8 a.m CST.
1. Must have a facebook account and join our private group. I will invite you in.
2. This is your journey, must be willing to take the time to see the videos and due the work yourself.
3. If you miss a live video you will have access to it on the private group.
4. You cannot invite anyone else to the group. You can give them the email so they can pay and join.
5. You must agree to journal at least once a week.


The cost of this workshop is $79.95