Tinnie or Gabbie as she is known (Thanks to her granny who insisted that she talked way too much) was born in Louisiana (April 16, 1973) but grew up in the small town of Woodson Texas. She is a Spiritual Medium, Minister, radio personality, mother, life partner, and teacher. Behind her tender southern charm lies a story of tragedy and triumph. Within the first 17 years of her life she had 2 near death experiences and lost her father to pancreatic cancer. Those events brought about a whirlwind of psychic phenomena that allowed her to strengthen her abilities as a medium and healer giving her the opportunity to share with others the amazing journey that the spiritual world has to offer.

Ordained: 2009

Degree: Masters degree in Religion(ULC)

Areas of expertise:

Connecting to the Divine. Messages from

Angels and The Divine. Law of Attraction.

Spiritual/New thought Ministry.

Blake Sanders, Dallas Tx.

Gabbie came to talk to me and my family about the death of my dad. We got more than we thought we would. He ability to connect to dad was amazing, she knew things that he had said on his death bed. If that wasn’t enough, she talked to us about connecting with our guides and helped us all to feel more at ease about life and death. We will have her come back again.