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What I Believe

We are emanations of our Creator, empowered with the ability to love and learn. Divine energy continuously flows through us as the life force that animates what we think, feel, say and do. God’s light expands through us exponentially, blessing the people we interact with and the activities we engage in.
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A little about Gabbie

I recognize there are many ways to express spirit and find spiritual healing. I honor the Infinite Intelligence, or God, that cannot be contained within the narrow prescription of a single way. It is my privilege to support others who practice and honor this open, expansive way by being a facilitator that provides experienced leadership and professional guidance in the development of spiritual practices and ministry.

My Commitment

I am committed to the call of hope and peace in my life and sharing that with the world in any way that I can. And through spirit, I submit my life to my Creator, seeking inspiration and love in everything I do. I commit my resources to outreach, service and spiritual leadership to help others discover a real relationship with spirit and to fully understand eternal love. I look at this open door with a faithful heart and I thank God for trusting me with it.
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My Events

Sep ,2018
From Sep 30th to Nov. 9th. Facebook private group
Digging Deep-40 Days to Spiritual Discovery is an online/Phone workshop that will have you digging...
40 Day Spiritual Discovery- Digging Deep Series.
Sep ,2018
6-9Pm Colorado Springs, Co. Unity Spiritual Center in the Rockies
There is this turning point that many are experiencing  tired of suffering, tired of false...
Jun ,2018
7PM-9PM Unity Temple on the Plaza 707 West 47th. Street Kansas City, MO 64112
There is this turning point that many are experiencing  tired of suffering, tired of false...
May ,2018
3 Day retreat May 17th-20th. Holiday Inn Express & Suites Branson 76 Central1970 W. Hwy. 76, Branson, MO 65616
There is this turning point that many are experiencing . You are tired of suffering,...
Apr ,2018
1pm-3pm cst. Holiday Inn Dallas Market Center, 4500 Harry Hines Blvd, Dallas Texas, 75219
Come and experience a DEEP Trance Channeling with the ONE, Facilitated by Gabbie. The ONE...
Gallery with ONE facilitated by Gabbie
Inspirational Message of the Week
January 25, 2018
To be diligent in your spiritual practice is a form of acceptance and acknowledgment to the Divine Presence in your…
January 24, 2017
"All of LIFE is preparing for the upcoming season. It's time to clear the clutter and prepare for the stillness…
January 24, 2017
"You are not a stagnant pool, but rather a life-giving river that flows freely and easily." Archangel Haniel  
Message From Gabbie
At times, we all find ourselves wandering off the path of integrity. We know this because we feel stuck, or have a hard time hearing our inner voice. We may obsess about outward things like the shape of our bodies, or the items we possess. We may laugh when we mean to cry, say yes when we mean no, refuse to look at our mistakes, or give "love" with lots of strings attached. So how do we step back on track? How do we become empowered, joyful and clear of purpose? Join Gabbie as she facilitates Messages of hope and love to help you find your way back to Hope, Peace and LOVE!

My Blogs

The Presence with Mary
For those like us, who represent the Plan of the Divine, will assist you as you...
The Divine Presence
We are part of the Divine Presence, the part that is here to guide you and...
We see the struggles that you have; the war that goes on between your head and...
Archangel Chamuel-Your Turning Point
"When you are truly honest with yourself about your life, no matter how painful it is,...
Purpose is a process; it is not a definition. It is not a validation. It is...
I had an experience…
I had an experience this morning, a rush of awareness came flooding out, as if a...

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